Who we are

The Egypt Media Forum is an annual and independent international platform for media development, based in Cairo, Egypt. The EMF aims to advance the know-how and development of media culture and policies, and it supports capacity building and qualified bodies. We work on developing the media work environment in Egypt and the MENA region. The Forum runs throughout the year as an international platform for development in the form of sustainable products that aim to develop media tools. These include a press training unit and a digital platform providing advanced knowledge and utilizing in-depth studies. The Egypt Media Forum is owned by 30N for Strategic Communication.


The EMF is creating an annual hub for Egyptian media and its international counterparts, and the focus will be on diversity and new content trends. The forum intends to invite elite trainers and speakers from all over the world to participate in innovative presentations, roundtable discussions, and workshops to discuss the latest trends in the media industry. The forum will also build expertise in the local media industry and facilitate professional exchange with international newsrooms, think tanks and development centers. The EMF aims to encourage the use of the media as a community development tool.


Development is achieved by building on what has been accomplished, not by ignoring it. The media is an effective tool for supporting unprecedented development. Media tools continue to advance and their paths evolve, impacted by technological development and massive global change. Egyptian media must learn from existing global experiences in order to complete the circle of “influence and vulnerability.” The development of media policies and tools is a top priority for countries and societies that are on the path of development, and there is no alternative for cultural and social development but to support and disseminate the required knowledge and build the necessary competencies to keep pace with development.